2020 Year of the Dark Lord Calendar
2020 Year of the Dark Lord Calendar

2020 Year of the Dark Lord Calendar

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Every year is the Dark Lord's year without question. In 2020, his royal darkness has very specific plans for world domination. Call it a global takeover. With his two lusty wenches, a frito smelling dog beast  and a legion of loyal servants in toe, anything he sets his paws to is possible. 


  • 8.5" x 11" 
  • 12 Months

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The Dark Lord is an internet sensation known to the world as the darkest hairless (Sphynx) cat with unforgettable human-like knees. At first, we, his humans (AKA the lusty wenches), began posting photos on his Instagram for our family in New York. Fast forward some months and millions of views later, the Dark Lord has expanded his kingdom to include servants worldwide!

In April 2018, he ordered his wenches to open this online store where his servants can enjoy special Dark Lord merchandise in his honor. We work endlessly to continue creating content for the kingdom as well as expanding the collection of merchandise from home decor to clothing, and soon enough pets. If you haven’t already, join the dark side where sinners are celebrated!  

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