Is it my knees? Perhaps it's my evil glare? Whatever brought you over to the dark side and enticed you to serve me, welcome to my kingdom! By now you should know I have a team of lusty wenches and a slave dog at my disposal, which is how I am able to bring you the finest merchandise. 

Have a look at some of my newest additions to the Dark Lord collection as well as best sellers, fitting for worshipers of all kinds.

COVID-19 Update - We're Still Taking Orders!

Firstly, we hope all servants of the Lord are well and safe. This is a devastating time and we hope to continue to bring joy and emotional relief with our content. As long as we're worshiping from home, our goal is and will always be to uplift others through the adventures of the Dark Lord and Sister Nixie. 

At this moment, we are continuing to fulfill orders. You can confidently purchase your favorite TDL items and rest assured you will receive them. Certain items may require additional time to fulfill but you are guaranteed to receive them. 

Feel free to email us with any questions at: admin@thedarklord.shop

A Word from Loyal Servants

The Dark Lord may be a strict master, but his customer service team is impeccable. Great service and a fantastic product.

Zendyn D.

I wore it out yesterday and got alot of looks....and compliments. 

Cary C.

Thank you my lord, my best friend will love this 🖤

Saraya H.

Love it. Colors are rich and glossy. Has some good weight to it. Quality piece.

Kyle G.

I wanted it right meow, and it arrived very quickly and as described. Delightful item!

Lana K.

Excellent product, helping me serve the Dark Lord while being stylish.

Jennifer C.

Great quality, comfy - very happy with my purchase. Thank you!

Isobel N.